Vegetation Waste and Brush Truck

Vegetation/Yard waste is collected every Monday, during the months of March thru October. If the collection day falls on a Holiday, it will be collected the following Monday.   All vegetation/yard waste must be placed inside the vegetation/yard waste cart with the green lid. Please do not park vehicles in front of the cart as it will NOT be able to be collected.

  • DO NOT place bulk leaves or any bagged yard waste in the cart
  • DO NOT place tree roots, tree stumps, tree trunks, and/or tree branches over 4 inches in diameter or over 40 inches in length so that the lid maybe fully closed.
  • DO NOT place dirt, rocks or other bulky and non-combustible materials in the cart.

If you have excess brush and/or logs over 4” in diameter, please contact Public Works at 856.767.5052 to reserve a Township truck for you to load at your location during the evening or weekends.

Brush trucks CAN NOT be requested for delivery AFTER November 1ST  
Brush truck requests will resume in March (Weather Permitting)

Spring Leaf Collection Starts in April
Fall Leaf Collection will be the entire month of November
and will continue through Mid-End of December (Weather Permitting)

  • DO NOT bag the leaves or they will not be picked up.
  • Please DO NOT place your leaves in the street and 10’ or more from any storm inlet

Please keep branches and debris out of the leaf piles.