The Township Clerks serves as the Secretary to the  Governing Body and is Responsible for storing and maintaining Government Records, such as all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other Government Records that have been made during the course of a business day. The Clerk is also the registrar of Vital Statistic. The Registrar is responsible for all Vital Statistic like marriage licenses, civil unions and can issue copies of death, birth, and marriages.

Township Clerks

Catherine Underwood – Register Municipal Clerk/Registrar

856-767-1854, ext. 212

Vicki Taylor – Clerk
856-767-1854, ext. 209


Marriage License/ Civil Union

  • To apply for a marriage License the Bride, Groom, and at least one witness need to be present at time of application.
  • All persons need to show identification
  • The Bride and Groom need to show proof of Divorce if previously married.
  • At least one of the two (Bride or Groom) must reside in town.
  • The cost for the application process is $28.00.
  • The Application Process takes 72 hours to be ready for pick up. The application can be held for up to six months.
  • From the date that the application is picked up it is good for 30 days.
  • Yes our Mayor performs marriages! If you would like to be married by our mayor be sure to ask for details when you come in. Please note she does need to be scheduled.
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